SHOCKER: FBI Raids United Automobile Workers Chief’s House, Finds ‘Wads’ Of Cash.

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The FBI and IRS raided the home of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) Chief President Gary Jones Wednesday and discovered wads of cash.

As many as 12 agents enacted a “knock and announce” protocol as they raided Jones’s Detroit home, according to the Detroit Free Press. Authorities also raided the former UAW chief’s California home, Dennis Williams, the UAW Michigan conference center, and several other UAW spots in Wisconsin and Missouri.

47-year-old neighbor J. Kevin Telepo watched the raid through the window using binoculars and saw FBI agents counting “wads” of money in Jones’ garage, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“FBI raiding neighbor’s house” Telepo texted his wife. (RELATED: The UAW Claims The Union Makes Employee’s Live’s Better. But Will It?)

“What did he do?” his wife asked him.

“Not sure. FBI & IRS. Pile of cash in garage,” Telepo texted her back.


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