Blackrock and Vanguard are the top shareholders in almost every big company

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by stylishskunk

Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter)

Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, etc)

Automotive (GM, Tesla, Ford)

Media (Comcast, Paramount, Newscorp NYT, ATT – all major tv news CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and print media)

They own the world. The largest shareholders are hidden. Foundations execute their will to control government and narrative under the guise of a charity.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Open Society Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

Clinton Foundation

Novo Nordisk Foundation

INGKA Foundation

Welcome Trust

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These foundations donate heavily and lobby government and international organizations to control narrative. These foundations are also MAJOR clients of BlackRock and Vanguard…conveniently.

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They control the world.

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