Blacks Attempt to Carjack a White Guy Who Successfully Defends his Family with a Knife

by Chris Black

I bet you thought this was in Chicago.

Worst part about the video?

Looks like it could be any Western country, with disgusting brutalist architecture and a South Asian owned junk store in the background.

The South African government is currently trying to ban people from buying guns for self defense purposes:

Funny, the exact same thing is happening in the US right now.

Cohencidence, I know.

I should really post about South Africa more often but I find it very depressing and frustrating, not to mention the fact nobody cares that whites are being genocided in the country they built from scratch.

The situation is bleak.

It’s a one-party Black nationalist Socialist state, which is exactly as corrupt and dysfunctional as it sounds.

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The ruling party was bankrolled and trained by the USSR and founded by Nelson Mandela, who was a Mossad-trained terrorist.

Tens of thousands of Whites have been murdered since apartheid ended.

The rape rate is estimated 40% but nobody knows because the police are useless.

Conviction rates are extremely low, 2% for crimes like hijacking and robbery.

All of the infrastructure is collapsing.

Racial quota laws filled important positions with incompetent people.

But there are still incredibly wealthy suburbs where people can live behind a thin veneer of normality away from the chaos on their doorsteps.

You get the idea.

This is the future of the West.


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