Blame Russia for the Incoming Economic Collapse

by Chris Black

Inflation is at an all-time high and it’s only going to get worse. The Judeo-Biden Regime is trying to blame it all on Russia. And the only response by these retards is insanity.

The scary thing is that this bubble dwelling mediocrity and her ilk truly believe what she is saying.

This is their priority.

Problem: Inflation is soaring, wages are stagnant & declining, and quality of life is dropping off a cliff.

Answer: Treasury secretary’s top priority is to “decarbonize our economy” i.e. stop you from driving a car and make you eat bugs as the government allows an invasion of unlimited third world refuse.

Meanwhile, the government hands out cash like candy to their foreign vice den in order to maintain Judeo-western global hegemony by doggedly attempting to provoke a nuclear war with Russia.

We are ruled by retarded psychopaths.

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The IMF and World Bank “Authorities” have loaned billions of dollars to Developing Nations under the pretext of promoting self-sufficiency, improved standards of living, and economic growth.  To get the dough the developing nations had to agree to arrangements favorable to the World Economic Forum’s concepts of a future global society.

The “loans” are all in default, the developing nations are hopelessly insolvent, and the money is long gone.  No actual improvements to the developing nations’ infrastructure or self-sustainability were made whatsoever.  Politicians and financiers took it all.  That was the plan from the start.

Now it’s Putin’s fault.

So long as the food crisis in developing nations is attributed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the World Bank’s approach of loaning money to impoverished nations to buy food works.  The crisis is temporary, and the impoverished nations will repay the World Bank, with interest, once prosperity reaches the region.

If, however, the food crisis is systemic due to there not being enough arable land, water, and energy to produce, transport, and distribute adequate food to eight billion people then there’s a big problem.

The bankers at the World Bank hold many conferences and discussions about the world food situation.  They’re probably flying to some exotic resort location to discuss the matter right now.

Their learned opinion is that they can solve World hunger if only given much greater financing and authority.


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