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by John Ward

It’s a Russian Bear Market out there, what with CNN heading off the Mad Mullah scale, Zelenskyy love-ins, weaponised ratings agencies, beastly barbecues, Pharma on the ropes and Gates on the prowl. The Slog looks at whatTF is going on, and which driverless truck will most likely be careering down the road towards us next.

Either this was an attempt by CNN to accuse Vlad of yet another war crime, or it’s an attempt to explain why “vaccinated” footballers keep on dropping dead. On D-Day 1944 the entire SHAEF armed forces of Britain, the US, Canada, Oz, Kiwiland and France invaded a continent 29.7 times bigger than Ukraine. There is no evidence that everyone from Stanley Matthews to Matt Busby died of myocardital shock, although CNN would probably say “That’s because it hadn’t been invented back then”. Of the 79 currently incapacitated soccer players, 77 fell over before Mad Dog Rasputin began his bid to take over the world by invading Ukraine. The way one does, really.

Having run out of yah-boo-sucks insult names for the Russian leader, the Daily Telegraph has turned elsewhere to find more objective views about Putin, and what better place to start than Volodymyr ‘Ten houses’ Zelenskskyy – the man for whom one y was never going to be enough. VoZel duly obliged

Volodymyr’s considered verdict on Vladimir seems to be based on the dastardly airstrike upon Mariupol Hospital. Unfortunately, the attack is only verified by, um, Ukrainians – chaps who are on the whole unlikely to mention Zelenskyy’s known habit of firing rockets from schools and hospitals….a little trick he learned from Hamas. C’mon Twitter – time to get those fact checkers on the case.

Nihil desperandum NATO, because Twitter has found out from ‘analysts’ that a Russian default on its debt is “imminent”. Every newspaper crawling up the arse of the Dystopians has been talking to the same analysts, and spookily they’re all anally retentive analysts in perfect lockstep using ‘default imminent’. Perhaps they’re psychoanalysts.

In fact, the source of the story is Fitch, and it’s a continuation of the same drivel trotted out by S&P yesterday….and by Morgan Stanley the day before. Those of you old enough to recall the dubious behaviour of these reptiles during the 2008 Housing short probably share my view of them as open to saying anything in terms of junk ratings if brown paper envelopes are involved. I wouldn’t trust Fitch if they told me tonight that Friday is imminent.

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However, none of that is really the point here: Russia defaulted towards the end of the last century, and nothing very much happened. Given the tit-for-tat sanctions farce described by The Slog two days ago, I’d be fascinated to see how many folks are up for trying to enforce the default. With a debt as big as Moscow’s, it’s a bigger problem for the lenders than the borrowers…and Vlad the Lad is still holding most of the energy cards

As ever of course, it would be wrong to assume that the looney-tunes jerking the puppets don’t want global fiscal and financial chaos. On the other hand, I suspect they’re not quite ready for it just yet.

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Talking of which, are there any clues to guide us on the vexed subject of what the puppeteers have in store for us next on the Oh My ArmaGodden terror front? I’d say yes, there is: the Earth’s on f-f-f-f-fire junk they were flogging last summer. Their starter for ten today is to warn that Ernest Shackleton’s lost ship has been found, but that pesky climate change is still at its evil work.

If you think that’s a tad feeble however, Waitrose is out to do its bit by not selling disposable barbecues any more. Lucy Comer, buying assistant at Waitrose said: “Disposable barbecues present a risk to our natural habitats and this is why we’ve committed to removing them from our shelves this year.” It seems that the supermarket sells around 70,000 disposable barbecues each year – so the change would save 11.2 tonnes of shrink wrap plastic being produced each year, and 35 tonnes of ‘single use paper’.

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Right then. Oddly enough, if I was trying to cut a swathe through packaging I wouldn’t start at disposable barbecues. But then equally, I wouldn’t continue to sell CO2 crammed barbey coals either….if I was in any way convinced by the CO2 IABATO – which I’m not, so the question doesn’t arise.

But lest we forget, the nuclear threat surrounding Ukraine’s occupation isn’t going to last forever – and if it happens, we’re all dead anyway. So the Dystos are a fear factor short of a strategy at the moment. And so it is that we arrive at the potential for Son of Covid.

Little Billy Gates has been making more of his startlingly accurate Old Moore predictions in the last few weeks. On February 8th, 13th, 18th, 19th and 25th this year, the founding (and only) member of the Jeffrey Epstein Admiration Society told every medium and its mother how something much worse than Covid19 was coming very soon.

The other thing coming even sooner is his new book, so we’re back under the “You would say that” heading. But billionaires don’t need the money, so why has Bill written the book in the first place?

It’s an interesting question. Opinions vary as to whether (this week) Gates is inside the Dystopian depopulation tent pissing out, or vice versa. The tricky lady formerly known as Melinda Gates has continued to hint strongly at the probability of Bill and Jeff being involved in unspeakable things.

But then, I look at the Big Pharma sector’s valuations continuing to plummet, and ask myself if the Microsoft founder has decided to buy into it at the bottom….and set about making his prophecies self-fulfilling. The Pharma guys are, as we know, infinitely more cooperative than Third World Governments who object to their citizens being treated like lab-rats.

Do we detect dissension in the Great Reset ranks here? Stay tuned.




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