Blaming Everything on “Liberalism” is a Red Herring

by Chris Black

The problem with blaming everything on “Liberalism” (e.g. inaccurately calling the New World Order the “Liberal World Order”) is that “Liberal” just becomes synonymous with “Western,” which makes no sense at all when countries like China are key players in said world order.

It’s not like they’re out here defending property rights, free trade, and freedom of association.

It conveniently absolves all of the other countries that are on board with globalist machinations and the push for world government (or “world governance”).

Plus, most of the Western elite really don’t care about Liberalism all that much, as demonstrated by their responses to COVID, “Climate Change,” and so on.

They’re basically technocratic Socialists, kind of like H. G. Wells and some other Fabians.

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It’s quite obvious that their end goal isn’t to create a “Liberal” world but some sort of one world Communist government, modeled on China, combined with transhumanism and weird New Age religion bullshit.

They’ve said this many times.

See for example this paper by Robert Muller, “the philosopher of the United Nations” and ex UN Assistant Secretary-General:

Proper Earth Government: A Framework and Ways to Create It (2005)


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