What happens when it’s now common knowledge that all 3 branches of government have been weaponized against those who they serve!?

by AC

The central banks have always been against America and Americans. Now the IRS is being weaponized and trained as a standing army within our government to do their tyrannical bidding.
The Media has been weaponized against you since before you were born.

When does one wake up to the fact you are the commodity that has already been sold without your consent. And their demonic promises are now due?

The entire global medical industrial complex is also weaponized against you to the point they are mandating medical procedures that are killing millions without informed consent.

The DOJ and CPS have been waring against you stealing your children through fraud and deception for years and now can not explain unaccounted for or missing children.

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The government now admits that they have been modifying weather as well as our daily lives.

The government admits to poisoning the water you drink, the air you breath, and the food you eat, including the seeds you plant for food. And our government is partially being run by big pharma.

They also admit to building a global network of underground tunnels and bases to maintain continuity of government, to the tune of trillions and trilions of dollars that should have went to your quality of life on the surface of the planet.

Now we also know they have been building bio weapons labs in third world nations around the world.
ANd we all now know that all of the governments of the world have contributed to cern. And are all involved in human trafficking around the world, butchering your children for their life force to extend their own lives.
And this is just scratching the surface folks!


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