Blinken Now Suggesting the Ukraine is Maybe Allowed to Do Talks with Russia!

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by Chris Black

Antony Blinken was saying for OVER A YEAR that he would never allow the Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. 

He was the one who, in March of 2022, blocked Zelensky’s attempts to enter negotiations!

And now he basically says “Oh, well, it looks like they might have to negotiate, actually.”

All indicators are that the tide has shifted and the US is ready to give up on Ukraine.

 They probably want to save their weapons and money to fight a war against China, and they realize that there is nothing they can possibly gain from continuing the Ukraine war.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has suggested that Ukraine may have to enter into talks with Russia before it can resolve questions regarding its borders, but insisted such decisions must be left to Kiev.

During a congressional hearing on Thursday, America’s top diplomat was asked whether the White House supported Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in his vows to retake the Crimean Peninsula by force, offering only an indirect answer.

I think there’s going to be territory in Ukraine that the Ukrainians are determined to fight for on the ground; there may be territory that they decide that they’ll have to try to get back in other ways,” Blinken said, apparently referring to diplomatic efforts.

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However, he went on to argue that “these have to be Ukrainian decisions about what they want their future to be and how that lands in terms of the sovereignty, the territorial integrity, the independence of the country,” but added that Washington would like to avoid a situation which “simply invites the Russians to reset, rearm and then re-attack” following any potential negotiations.



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