Bloomberg makes more money every year off of China than all of the Money Trump has made his entire life

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Bloomberg’s Lp’s net $10 billion In annual revenue from China

Little Serpent Bloomberg!


Why isn’t msm asking Bloomberg about this?

Conflict of interest: Democratic presidential candidate Bloomberg increased business with the Chinese regime

As trade, democracy, and human rights standoff between Washington and Beijing has escalated in recent years, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has increased his business and ties to the Chinese communist regime, which could imply a conflict of interest in his race to the White House.

A Washington Post report released Jan. 1 outlines the financial mogul’s business dealings with the Asian giant that began at least 25 years ago when he opened his first offices in Beijing.

The billionaire, whose core business is providing financial information to investors, has led efforts since 2015 to make it easier for U.S. companies to trade in Chinese currency, a move taken by China’s largest banks. Bloomberg’s move could have transferred some $150 billion to Beijing, while leaving the company with an undisclosed amount of fees, says journalist Michael Kranish.

In 2018, for example, he surprised by saying that China’s Wang Qishan, was “the most influential political figure in China and in the world.”

In September of this year, amid pro-democracy and civil liberties protests in Hong Kong and reports exposing the lack of freedom of belief and the imprisonment of Uighurs in mainland China, Bloomberg again drew attention by stating on television that Xi Jinping “is not a dictator” and that he “has to satisfy his constituents.”

In total, China accounts for 1 percent of Bloomberg LP’s revenue and Hong Kong for an additional 4 percent.


They are already faking the polls for Mikey Bloomberg

He was at 3% in the polls two weeks ago, has made no more the 3 public appearances to tiny crowds and no debates

he is suddenly polling at 28% in the primary??





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