Bloomberg paid to have his own ass kicked on national TV last night

Billionaires have some weird fetishes.


I want to to remind everyone that Michael Bloomberg PAID for that beating. He gave money to the DNC and they changed the rules so that he could be in the #DemDebate tonight. Very shortsighted.


Mini Mike used millions to get on that stage and he was pummeled from the get-go. He came with the intention of engaging in fair civil discourse but got gang rap*d instead.

You could sense the crowd might have been willing to give him a chance but after the first salvo of hatchets from Pocohontas they weren’t buying any of it.

Yet do you for one second believe with all the DNC chicanery any of that matters? Super Tuesday will see him use more money as a down payment to continue his campaign with the DNC moving the goal post for him.

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There was no democrat debate last night, just an old fashioned gang stalking free for all. No pun intended.

INFLUENCING AN ELECTION WSJ: Bloomberg is paying people $2500/month to say nice things about him on social media

The WSJ is reporting that Michael Bloomberg is paying “hundreds of workers in California” to say nice things about Bloomberg on social media as well as texting all of their friends about the candidate:

According to the report, they pay is $2500/month. From the WSJ:

To staff the effort, the campaign is hiring more than 500 “deputy digital organizers” to work 20 to 30 hours a week and receive $2,500 a month, the documents show. In exchange, those workers are expected to promote Mr. Bloomberg to everyone in their phones’ contacts by text each week and make social-media posts supporting him daily, the documents show.

“The Fight for Equal Rights Has Been One of the Great Fights of Mike’s Life,” reads one such suggested prompt regarding Mr. Bloomberg’s early support for same-sex marriage.


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