Bloomberg supporter John Mellencamp: “I live in a small town”

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by DCG

When he’s not at his SoHo loft…

Singer John Mellencamp has proclaimed his support for gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg. From his tweet:

“I was born in a Small Town. And I live in a Small Town. But the reality is, Small Town America is disappearing. And @MikeBloomberg will fight for them. via @YouTube #mikebloomberg #johnmellencamp #smalltown”

This fraud has multiple residences (New York [2 homes there], Indiana, and South Carolina), one of them being his New York City loft. A loft he bought so he can “paint” and be close to his love, actress Meg Ryan.

Here’s Mellencamp’s “smalltown” SoHo loft:

Spare me your faux concern for small town America, John. If you knew anything about us small town folk, you’d know that we would NEVER elect a man who wants to take away our Second Amendment right.



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