Blue vests feeling yellow: ‘Exhausted & overworked’ French police unions ready for action

With anti-government Yellow Vest protests still roiling France, it now seems that some fed-up French police unions are ready to get in on the action, complaining of low pay, unpaid overtime and unacceptable working conditions.

Speaking to RT on Wednesday, French police union representative Loic Travers said that when some officers are not in uniform “they become Yellow Vests” because they identify with the protesters’ cause.

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“We are middle class, or even lower, because of our salaries, our origin. That’s why some colleagues feel that they are Yellow Vests. The cause of the Yellow Vests really resonate with the police,” Travers said.

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English-language French news outlet The Local reported on Tuesday that the Alliance Police Nationale had called for a “black day for the police” on December 19 and called the police protest “Act 1” of police action.


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