Body Language Ghost’s analysis of Trump, Pelosi & Schumer

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1. Nanci and Chuck did not know there was going to be the press there.

2. Chuck looked to where the press was. It would of been from that location the Police/Military/SS would of been parked, if it was time for them to be arrested. He looks like that in that direction, because this “surprise” could be his arrest. He is shitting himself all humped over. Look at him.

3. Mr Pence is looking at Pelosi in such an intense way, with such an insane vibe, the same vibe a Judge would give you just before your sentencing. There is a lot of righteous aggression/intensity in the way he is conducting himself.
It is a classic “your fucking done” technique the righteous do to the guilty. Mr Pence knows what type of bad things these animals have done.

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4. Mr Trump is giving us the Love symbol as he loves to do. God is love to these religious people (love it or hate it)

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5. There are two people in the room who have the body language of your FOUNDING FATHERS… there are two in the room who look like the nervous and guilty people they are.

Try and pay attention to when Schumer sniffs his nose.

Mr Trump is playing way over these peoples level of competency, or full understanding.

Your President Mr Trump is a genius.

lets see if you can follow along for 18 mins.



h/t lovedeadmigs


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