by John Ward

The urgent need for radical empiricism to drown ideological tyrants once and for all

Apologies to non-French readers. To your left is an ad for Basefuck.

Headline: ‘Let’s support good ideas together’. Strapline: ‘Good ideas deserve to be found’

You know, I think there’s a reasonable chance that you could’ve gone to the Nazi Parteitag in 1936, and in the bier Kellers afterwards heard a few reasonably good ideas. Old Joe Stalin blotted his copy-book with the gulags and purges, which between them took an estimated 14 million lives; but he offered some aphorisms that were worth listening to….for example, ‘History is made by those who turn up’. Idi Amin may have put several enemies in his freezer and then eaten them, but he did export a lot of useful Ugandan Asians to Britain, most of whom added to our business culture. Even sausage-noshing control-freak Mutti Merkel had the brains to declare multiculturalism a busted flush.

But ever finding a good idea on Facebook? I don’t think so. Such would be on a par with Labour’s left wing applying common sense in the formulation of social policy, Sir Mark Sedwill calling for a Freedom of Information Act with real teeth, Nancy Pelosi going twelve hours without a drink, and Cristiano Ronaldo having a full-on attack of modesty. It ain’t gonna happen.

What we’re being shown on a daily basis now is what the difference is (and always has been) between propaganda and advertising. It is this: sometimes, advertising gets away with exaggerating a product or service advantage; but propaganda lies about what it’s selling all of the time.

Advertising has always used hype – “nothing acts faster than Anadin” for example, to which my response is always “so take nothing”. Equally, the Delta Airlines promise “We’ll Get You There” used to make me smile and think, “You sure as Hell better Delta, otherwise we’re all dead, man”.

Propaganda, by contrast, promotes the diametric opposite of the Truth: All Jews are Communists, Covid19 is a deadly pandemic, mRNA jabs are the only way to defeat Covid19, Novochok was an attempt by Putin to poison British citizens, the Wuhan Virus was not man-made, Lockdowns are an effective tool in virology, Vaccines can be vaccines without immunising, Planet Earth is on Fire, CO2 is a deadly pollutant, only white People are racist, BLM is a liberal democratic movement, Girls in mini-skirts cause earthquakes, All men are instinctively rapist and Google only does Good.

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Thinking of Google, however, it is fascinating to search Big G with the term ‘propaganda lies’, and note that not a single “liberal” ever uses lies in pursuit of power via propaganda. Equally spooky – I might add – is the uniformity of each heading regardless of publication:

What do you think the random chances are of the first 17 entries all using an identical form of words, with 12 of those entries featuring Trump and Putin? Frankly, I don’t care – my conclusion uses common sense and experience: this is propaganda masquerading as an innocent search result about propaganda.

And blow me down with a loudhailer, who should we find in the number one slot but….Facebook. The entry features this video compilation – a vitriolic attack on Donald Trump alone…..and worthy of a Goebbels rant in Der Stürmer against Franklin Roosevelt.

If the gag fits, wear it

So let’s turn now the other demonisation target of the age, Vladimir Putin. To the right here we see our ambitious Foreign Secretary Dizz Trust, who has decided to go centre-stage on the “crisis” in the Ukraine by chucking a few gallons of petrol onto the flames. This is the story according to our chief elected diplomat: President Putin must end the “shameful manufactured migrant crisis” being stoked at Europe’s eastern borders, because such are the bulk of the migrants seeking entry into Europe in order to try to cross the Channel to reach Britain.

I don’t have the space here (or the stamina) to give you all twenty-three reasons why this risible agitprop is a crock of old tosh: suffice it to merely point out the obvious:

  1. The UK’s cross-Channel migrant crisis predates the Putin action to defend his sphere of influence by some considerable time.
  2. France being allegedly our NATO ally, it would be more helpful if Mesdames Patel and Truss were to put some pressure on the Boy King Macron, whose insidious anti-Brexit petulance is largely responsible for the immigrant influx we’re experiencing.
  3. Observe the colour and features of the Channel crossers – do they look to you like escapees from Alexander Lukashenko’s regime? (Obviously, pointing that out makes me a fully paid-up Klan member, but whatever)
  4. Take a closer look at the alleged derivation of Putin’s little helpers who – according to the Torygraph – are part of ‘the crisis at Poland’s border that could soon reach closer to home, with many of the migrants seeking entry into Europe expected to travel through France in order to cross the Channel and reach Britain’. Interrogate the bold words there and ask, why could it, how many, and who exactly expects them to take this circuitous route to ‘freedom’? The belief-suspension required to go along with this drivel is up there with “weapons that Sadam could use at a moment’s notice against Europe”. Thank you Tony Blair, how could we ever forget you?
  5. Tensions at the Polish border have escalated this week after Russia dispatched paratroopers to the Belarusian side of the border, where hundreds of Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis are attempting to cross. Two points here: first, Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis still don’t qualify as sub-Saharan Africans; and secondly, Poland is, for other reasons, on the Brussels naughty-step – and thus fair game to be fenced into a Euro-crisis to the advantage of EUNATO.

Liz Truss isn’t a loose cannon; she’s a tightly controlled over-ambitious nitwit who has only harmless plastic sabres to rattle. She is doing what American hegemonists want her to do – despite the fact that this will not be of any advantage to the country of her birth. Equally, of course, Putin is no saint. He is a devious man engaged in the defence of the country of his birth. The difference is, he is not a NWO puppet. Make of that what you will.

So looking at this overall, I see what’s going on as a lesson in applied Psy Op propaganda. Media perversion in a digital age during which Western title-owners have caved – pension-lock, quoted stock and barrel-to-the-head – to pressure UKfrom bourses wherein four or five major investment players have them by the short and curlies. This factually conclusive financial reality is what the Alternative Unelected State has the gall to dub “Conspiracy theory”.

There will be no “independence” for Britain (or any other nation for that matter) until it cuts all ties to the globalist ‘bloc’ agenda typified by the US/UK surveillance State and its ghastly creatures in EUNATO.


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