America is only one step away from socialist tyranny: Speech is censored. Media is propaganda. Schools are only indoctrination. Governments become dictators. Courts are corrupt. Law enforcement protects criminals.

by BigGuyAndSmallGuy speech censored… check Media propagandized crap… check Schools… check Government… Check Courts… check … … DEFUND HIGHER EDUCATION: How the ‘Defund Police’ movement started on college campuses. Pretty sure that

More propaganda lies revealed

You know how the left has been loudly condemning President Donald Trump for holding large rallies amid the coronavirus epidemic? Well, it turns out that these events aren’t the COVID

IT’S EASY TO TELL WHO’S ON THE PAYROLL, OR AT LEAST ON THE TEAM: “Disney has thanked four propaganda departments and a public security bureau in Xinjiang, a region in northwest China that is the site of one of the world’s worst human rights abuses happening today.”

“More than a million Muslims in Xinjiang, mostly of the Uighur minority, have been imprisoned in concentration camps…. Disney… worked with regions where genocide is occurring, and thanked government departments