BBC and other “Ministry of Truth” propaganda outlets are directly responsible for 20 million excess deaths caused by covid “vaccines”

by: Ethan Huff

Image: BBC and other “Ministry of Truth” propaganda outlets are directly responsible for 20 million excess deaths caused by covid “vaccines”

(Natural News) In response to the circulation of what it described as an overwhelming amount of “misinformation” and “fake news,” the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in partnership with the British government established a “Ministry of Truth” in 2019, just prior to the launch of the covid scamdemic.

Right on schedule, the BBC and the government of the United Kingdom created a censorship operation called “The Trusted News Initiative,” or TNI, that includes as partners the following organizations:

• The Associated Press (AP)
• First Draft
• Google / YouTube
• Twitter
• Reuters
• Financial Times
• Meta (Facebook)
• European Broadcasting Union
• CBC / Radio-Canada
• The Hindu
• Microsoft
• The Washington Post

This is not an exhaustive list, mind you – many other mainstream and corporate-controlled “news” outlets and tech platforms are still to this very day participating in rampant censorship of certain topics and ideas.

The purpose behind this Ministry of Truth is to keep a lid on the spread of information online. All information must first pass through the censorship filters established by the BBC and the UK establishment before it reaches your eyes and ears.

Further up the food chain in this decision-making process is the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF), two heads of the snake, so to speak, that govern world affairs.

“The standards focused on areas such as fact-checking, transparency, and impartiality, and news organizations found to be publishing information NOT approved by powerful Governments and other powerful institutions faced severe consequences,” reports The Exposé.

Millions of people are dead because of Ministry of Truth censorship

Not just news outlets but also people were swept up in the Ministry of Truth’s censorship scheme. In order to have a voice in the conversation, scientists and other experts have had to kowtow to the “authorities” and what they deem as “true,” or else face censorship.

Those who resist face loss of livelihood, harassment and intimidation, and in some cases loss of life. Many lives, in fact, have been lost as a direct result of the Ministry of Truth’s operations. (Related: Science shows that covid lockdowns caused thousands of excess deaths.)

“Scientists and experts were effectively silenced, with any research or findings that didn’t align with the Government’s narrative on Covid-19 being dismissed as “fake news,’” reports indicate.

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“It also led to a society where people were afraid to speak out, where Governments had too much control over what people could know and think, and where free speech and independent thinking were stifled.”

“The public was fed only information that the Ministry deemed to be ‘true,’ but this often meant that important and potentially life-saving information was withheld … This led to the tragic and unnecessary loss of millions of lives due to the Covid-19 injections.”

In the United States alone in 2021, nearly 700,000 excess deaths occurred that were caused by Ministry of Truth censorship. By Nov. 11, 2022, that figure had ballooned to 1.06 million excess deaths.

In Europe in 2021, the excess death count was 382,000, which ballooned more than 600,000 excess deaths by November 2022 – excluding Ukraine.

In Australia, there were only 1,303 excess deaths in 2020 before covid “vaccines” were unleashed through Operation Warp Speed. In 2021, that figure increased by 747 percent to reach 11,042 excess deaths.

“By the end of July 2022, there were 18,973 excess deaths in Australia, representing a 1,356% increase from 2020,” The Exposé explains. “This is more excess deaths in 7 months than in the previous two years combined.”

All in all, there have been more than 1.8 million excess deaths since the rollout of covid injections that are linked either to the injections themselves or to some other form of covid tyranny that the Ministry of Truth misled people into believing would “cure” the plandemic. That is a whole lot of blood on the hands of the censorship establishment.

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