NICK GILLESPIE: The New York Times, NBC, and Other Outlets Don’t Trust You To Handle the Truth…. Kimberley Strassel: Inside the media’s relentless crusade to destroy President Trump.

via reason: In the original Planet of the Apes movie (1968), the most-fascinating character is Dr. Zaius, the elitist, orangutan in chief who alone possessed the secret knowledge that (spoiler alert!) apes descended … Read more

Breaking down propaganda in real time; how various news outlets have covered the photograph featuring Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau in “brownface” on their respective homepages.

by AssuredlyAThrowAway Due to the rapid pace of the modern 24/7 news cycle, one of the most difficult aspects of documenting how propaganda functions within that sphere of information is … Read more

Media outlets are lying(shocker) about citizenship not being on the census since 1950. It was last on the census in 2000, removed by Obama’s administration.

This is huge! archived: Democrats in total meltdown as Trump proposes adding citizenship to Census h/t StrangerThanFiction