Media outlets being “forced” to correct their story on fake news on whipping of Haitians at the border

Mainstream media outlets are, with egg on their face, issuing clarifications and corrections to their stories that falsely smeared Border Patrol agents who were defending America’s southern border for actions they didn’t take using equipment they don’t have.

The timing makes sense as attention strays again from the U.S.-Mexico border following an influx of some 15,000 illegal immigrants — many of them Haitians who’d previously fled to South America — who set up a makeshift “Bidenville” under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Despite the half-hearted mea culpas, their mission to distract from the border crisis by creating a new boogeyman has already done its damage.

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The El Paso Times, one of the original propagators of the phony story, issued a meek “clarification,” rather than a correction or retraction which would have been more suited to the literal fake news that launched a national firestorm and triggered condemnation from the White House that caused an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.


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