People Not so Affected by TV Propaganda Underestimate How Effective TV is to Others

by Chris Black

Agreeable personalities are suckers for advertising and the need to group think.

Now what kind of black sub culture is promoted on TV?

How about the incompetent father, the nihilist girl, weak men, bossy child?

Remember next month, as the government plants division among you over asinine crap with sex, race, whatever, that it’s the State that’s about to steal 1/3 of your wealth.

They want you distracted and fighting each other.

You’re a part time slave.

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The income tax means for every 3 years you worked, you worked 1 of them for free.

And that’s only the income tax.

Many of you also have a property tax, a sales tax, a state and county tax…do the math.

Do you really want to subsidize the globo homo coup in Ukraine, the ethnic cleansing in Gaza, the illegal occupation of Iraq and part of Syria?

The thing is, we do not have working rails, a border, not even child care.

You should just keep your own money!


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