BOLD STRATEGY, COTTON: Buzz grows around Andrew Cuomo as Biden’s attorney general pick.

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via axios:

Democrats are so convinced that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo could be considered for Joe Biden’s attorney general that aides at the National Governors Association, which Cuomo chairs, are looking into contingencies for replacing him, two sources familiar with the situation tell Axios.

What we’re hearing: Some Democratic donors in Cuomo’s orbit tell Axios that the governor is being pushed for the job and that Biden would consider him, based on their long friendship.

Why it matters: The AG would be among the most politically sensitive — and high-profile — jobs in a Biden administration.

  • The Justice Department will face pressure to investigate Trump-era officials — and perhaps Trump himself — for wrongdoing in office.

  • Biden’s AG also would manage the federal response to police violence, social unrest and systemic racism, and the AG could seek to use federal powers to blunt state abortion restrictions.


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UPDATE: The above Axios article notes that “Biden is clearly fond of Cuomo, but he’s also committed — and under pressure — to name a racially and gender-diverse Cabinet, including the marquee posts. Names like former acting AG Sally Yates and Stacey Abrams are also likely on a list of AG candidates.”

Perhaps the burnout from governing Georgia during these tumultuous times is driving the latter candidate’s desire for a career change.



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