Bombed weapons depot located near the western Ukrainian village of Deliatyn was unofficial NATO training base – WATCH SOLDIERS RUN

Russian military strikes in Western Ukraine during the past week have shocked and alarmed NATO officials. The first blow came on Sunday, March 13 at Yavoriv, Ukraine. Russia hit the base with several missiles, some reportedly hypersonic. Over 200 personnel were killed, which included American and British military and intelligence personnel, and hundreds more wounded. Many suffered catastrophic wounds, such as amputations, and are in hospital. Yet, NATO and the western media have shown little interest in reporting on this disaster.

As you can see, this military base literally sits on the border of Poland. It was (is?) a major logistics center for receiving and distributing the weapons and ammunition sent by the United States and other NATO members. It also was the place where foreign trainers (e.g., U.S. and British principally) instructed the Ukrainians on how to use the new weapons.

Russia sent NATO an unmistakable message–“We will not allow NATO to arm or train Ukrainians in Ukraine. Anyone providing such assistance is considered a combatant and will be treated accordingly.”

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In a warning to NATO, Russia fired the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal ‘Dagger’ hypersonic missile in combat for the first time to engage targets in Western Ukraine, neutralising a large underground warehouse in the village of Delyatyn in Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk region near the country’s border with NATO’s Poland — over which it has a been receiving the bulk of military supplies, and reportedly destroyed a huge quantities of munitions. This is the first and only known use of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.



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