Book Burning and the Left

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With the recent controversies with the lefts call to remove historical statues ranging from Robert Lee, Christopher Columbus, and even reaching up to George Washington in some cases there have been some comparisons made between this and the Cultural Revolution promulgated by Mao in China. Several conservative thinkers have compared this to the period when the Chinese Communists would burn books. Make no mistake the left have been “burning books” but this is not it and it has been going on for a while now.
In the modern era there is very little merit in burning physical books. After all everything can be uploaded online within minutes. Therefore you have to achieve the same objective using different methods. When you burn books that you do not agree with what are you actually trying to do? In essence you are trying to keep information about different ideologies or perspectives away from your populace. It is a tacit admission that you think your ideas are so weak in open debate that the only way you can win the argument is to make sure that only your side gets presented. Making sure that only your side gets heard is the essence of modern day book burning. Lets take a look at how this is happening.
From a simple site sharing videos Youtube has evolved into something else. It has in effect become a tv channel where you can watch anything you want for free. Sports highlights, Cartoons, and most important for this article news and political commentary. In Youtube there are channels that lean left and those that lean right. Young Turks and Secular Talk are good examples on the left and Louder with Crowder and Ben Shapiro are good examples on the right. The people making these videos rely on them to make a living to continue making more. Yet we have a constant stream of conservatives claiming that Youtube had demonetized their videos. Instead of getting a portion of the revenue whenever someone watches their videos they get nothing. Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Diamond and Silk, Infowars, and various other outlets have raised this issue. On the other hand very little on the left are affected.
What happens when you remove the financial reward for the right to make videos but provide it to the left? Eventually those on the right stop making them as they have to look for other ways to make ends meet. Ensuring that only voices on the left are heard.
Social Media
Everyone is on social media in some shape or form these days. It has been reported that a lot of Americans get their news and commentary from social media first before actual news stations. It has also been well documented that voices on the right have been routinely banned from twitter, facebook, and other outlets while voices on the left are not affected. Of course when you ban everyone on the right you ensure that only those on the left have the privilege of free speech. I use the term privilege deliberately here. We are entering into a society where only voices on the left have free speech while those on the right do not have it.
Colleges are supposed to be educational institutions where you are exposed to many different competing ideologies so you can learn about the world. Conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro used to speak in these places all the time. Yet increasingly they have been blocked as hate speech. On the administrative front they are asked to put up huge amounts of cash to pay for extra security and on the street are met with protesters physically blocking them from the venue on the day of the event itself. On the other hand you have known terrorists on the left able to speak without any difficulties.
Instead of actually confronting the ideas in honest debate the goal is to silence it so only one side is heard.
These are only a few examples. Once you pay attention to this you will see much more. We economic nationalists on the right have been fighting this tooth and nail and will continue to do so. We understand that this is more than just an isolated issue of one pundit or another but rather a coordinated assault to condemn all thought on the right as anathema. We will resist the attempt to suppress the free speech of every single person on the right with everything we have. Our elected establishment Republicans don’t even acknowledge this as an issue. Which side will you support?
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