BOOM: Average Consumer To Spend $520 On Black Friday


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LOS ANGELES — Love it or hate it, about half of all Americans are gearing up for Black Friday deals, and they’re planning on spending some serious cash, according to an October 2018 survey.

More than half of the 2,000 adults who took part in the poll, which was commissioned by online discount shop Slickdeals, say they plan to fight the crowds at brick-and-mortar stores for a chance to spend an average of $520 on Black Friday.

So with deals to be found seemingly everywhere, what tops shoppers’ lists this year? Clothing is the number one item consumers aim to snag, with 53 percent hoping to purchase wearable items at a great deal. Next up are electronics, with 47 percent looking for good prices on laptops or computers and 37 percent eyeing TV dealsJewelry and children’s toys tie, with 26 percent of shoppers seeking bargains on bling or playthings for the kids.

“With 80% of Americans saying they have shopped during Black Friday, it’s clear that consumers still view it as an opportune time to shop,” says Slickdeals CEO Joshua Meyers in a statement.

Lest we make incorrect assumptions about these hardcore shoppers, a third of participants said they will be shopping for others rather than themselves. And they are willing to go to as many as three different stores if it will deliver the desired item at the desired price.

Some have argued that Black Friday has arguably ruined the familial sanctity of Thanksgiving with stores opting to open their doors at night, but the poll found that most would desert their dinner for the right deal. Although it requires a lot of self-discipline to pass up that extra slice of pumpkin pie, the average American said they’d hit the stores for an item that is 44 percent off retail price.


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