I have some bad news…. doesn’t bode well for our country. I’m still feeling sick over it.

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Just got back from Ft Lauderdale. Last night my wife and I were invited to our friend’s 5th anniversary party. About 150 people were there. Many people flew down from NY/NJ/CT. We knew some people there including some from my wife’s family. It was also a celebration for our friend’s father who is a Nam vet who they celebrated as well.

The party started out nice, hors d’oeuvres, top shelf open bar, mingling with old friends etc. The usual repertoire.

Finally dinner was served. By this time the mood had already begun to shift as the topic of politics came up and boy, did it go down from there. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m actually still feeling ill over what transpired and it doesn’t bode well for this nation.

For those who don’t wish to read the details of this drama, I’ll summarize what about 50% of the people there said—

1- Trump is bad, Trump is Hitler and a racist.
2- Trump has brought “instability” and has made America “ungovernable.” Trump has divided America by race. (Incredible since the media and the Dems are the very ones doing this! NOT TRUMP!!!!!!!!)
3- Trump has ties to Russia and Putin and they want to destroy America. (My head is spinning)
4- “SOCIALISM is the answer.” (No really, that was repeated MULTIPLE time as if they are all reading the same leftwing newspaper)
5- America is founded in hate and slavery and unless we give blacks all the political positions things will never change (this from white people)
6- EUROPE is what America should be like. Europe is safe and people are happy. They don’t have guns. No crime. No violence. Europe is perfection. (Again this is not an exaggeration or hyperbole. I heard this shit from multiple people, NONE of which have ever lived there as I have and NONE of which watch anything other than MSNBC, ABC etc) Again, none of these people actually LIVED there. They only heard about it from the media. Let that sink in WHO the enemy is.
7- The government should tell you what cars you can and can’t buy and FORCE people to buy healthcare so everyone can have healthcare.
8- Ban ALL guns. Even POLICE should not carry guns, but stun guns and pepper spray are ok for Police. Common people SHOULD NOT have access to any weapon. (This told to me by one FAT, recently divorced white female and others agreed with her)
9- Higher taxes are ok if it makes the world a better place. (In other words, the government is the solution too all the world’s problems)
10- Letting hundreds of millions of people come into our country is NOT ok (surprising!) but we don’t need borders because borders are evil because Trump wants them and they are racist (again, makes no sense since they don’t think everyone should come here, but yet a border is not needed..)
11- The media IS biased against Trump and Republicans but that is GOOD because the media is right and the Republicans are bad…
12- World peace can be achieved if all nations give up their weapons and follow the United Nations as a ONE WORLD ORDER. Nation sovereignty is BAD. Nationalism is BAD. Capitalism is BAD. America is BAD. I asked about North Korea, China, Russia etc giving up their weapons. They said they will if America gives up her’s first!
13- The government must force people to do things they don’t want to do like become vegetarians and drive electric cars to stop global warming. It was suggested that a European like carbon/energy tax is necessary. I asked if people knew that energy is so cost prohibitive in Europe that most people can’t afford air-conditioning? They said they did not know that. I asked do poor people have the right to air-conditioning. They said yes they should if everyone else has it.
14- Your individual rights and freedoms are not important. The greater good for all people is more important. Your rights to choose how you want to live is not guaranteed by the US constitution!! I immediately blew up and said YES IT FUCKING IS GO READ IT! They responded that the constitution needs to be rewritten or abolished for a modern global society. The Bill of right is outdated.
15- Christianity is bad. Islam is good. Christianity is bad because it takes a hard line against ABORTION which is a human RIGHT!!! Islam is more open to change than Chrisitianity! Christians need to accept and embrace abortion, even late term. Abortion is the most important human right after health insurance.
16- When our friend’s 76 year old father was introduced to celebrate veteran’s day, many of these same people didn’t bother to get out of their chairs. Clapping was from our side (patriots, the service members that were there). It was awkward as fuck and our friend’s father could see it. We all could see it. His daughter definitely saw it. We later congratulated him in person and he was almost in tears because he said people like him are no longer welcome. I said, he will always be invited and loved by REAL Americans. We talked for a long time after and that was the sole bright spot of the evening.
17- Fox news and Breitbart are evil right wing racist news media. They should be banned. Free speech laws needs to be changed.

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Those are the main points and it created heated discussions. These people have NO clue about the reality of the world. I asked these same people to name ONE working socialist nation. They said Europe. Germany. Sweden. etc. I asked if they knew that people pay 50% income tax there. They said no. I asked if they knew that socialized healthcare creates LONG waits for simple procedures and that more and more Europeans are buying PRIVATE health insurance so they have get better care. They said no except a woman from Canada who said socialized healthcare is actually not that great for the average person but good for poor people only. She was attacked for saying that because the brainwashed sheep said socialized health insurance is so wonderful and human right. I asked if personal liability insurance is a right. They said no. I asked why not. They said because it is not needed. I said health insurance is insurance like any other insurance. I asked what else is a right. They said access to food and water. I said, even if they don’t want to work? They said yes. So human rights that should be granted to everyone – abortion, money, food, water, health insurance, housing. Who’s going to pay for it? They said everyone. I shook my head in disgust.

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Moving on to protecting one’s life, they said guns are EVIL. I asked what if someone attacks you – do you have the right to defend yourself? They said no, you should run away. I asked if a woman had a knife and was about to get raped should she stab the man. They said NO! She should scream as loud as she can but not take his life. My wife was listening to this one and she just was silent and shocked. She walked away. That was about the time we left which was early. The place was rented until midnight. We left around 10 which is unusual for my wife who lives to dance and usually is burning up the dance floor. But I noted the dance floor was generally empty despite the DJ doing his best work to get people up there. We went back to out hotel and left first thing this morning.

In the end, we felt out of place like our nation is dead on the inside already. I only estimate about half of the people were anti-Americans but I could be wrong. The older people there (50+) tended to be patriots and 100000000% Trump supporters. An older man about 60+ said he is ready to retire and join a militia group if it comes to that. All the mil guys I think already are. I think all of the anti-Americans were from NY/NJ/CT. All the patriots were from here in Florida, Georgia.

I have a lot more to tell you but that is the gist of last night. I think I’m going to drink myself to sleep tonight… I love all you patriots out there who still love this country! Peace.



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