BOOM! Federal Judge Releases Benghazi Evidence – Hillary In A Panic!

by Thinker

American men working for the United States who could have been rescued, but were left to die. Where is the Admiral that was removed from duty because he was going to disobey orders and save the men who should not be dead. Actions continue to define the content of character, and whoever gave the order that stopped a commander from saving soldiers calling for help can rot in hell!!! Look at Libya today American…Obama/Clinton administration bombed a nation with “NO” approval from anyone, not even the citizens of the United States.

The first thing bombed in Libya for humanity…the man-made river, that Gaddafi was going to feed all of Africa, a job that the rest of the world has failed to do. There wouldn’t be a refugee problem if Libya still had its leader…he welcomed many tribes, that once lived in relative peace, and not in an endless war. Crimes against humanity…invasion and bombing of a nation without any approval!!!

It time to move to one party, one people, and going red and then going to just a United States in 2020. There isn’t any reason to have parties, when what everyone should be voting on is the politician with the best record and history of “REALLY” making a difference. Vote for the best candidate, and not on the color, party, or name. Obama campaigning and talking about all the things Republicans won’t do, but what did he do other than spend $92 million for vacations…while millions of Americans/Veterans homeless, and hungry.

Failed investigations are opening doors to those who chose friends first over the American people and the men and women who protect the United States. The only reason there is a homeless, hungry, Veteran, is the money that should be going to them has been diverted into offshore accounts for the greedy. Time to start reading the documents that show the “TRUTH” and those who have take food from the hungry!!!

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Mueller protected Hillary!!!


Get ready for massive disclosures folks!


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