BOOM: INSTAGRAM Estimated to Be Worth $100 billion… Wall Street’s Newest Hot Commodity: $185 Sandwich

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Instagram Is Estimated to Be Worth More than $100 Billion

  • oost in estimated valuation signifies a 100-fold return
  • App is predicted to exceed 2 billion users within five years

Facebook Inc.’s Instagram is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, if it were a stand-alone company, marking a 100-fold return for the app was purchased in 2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence.

The photo-sharing platform, which reached 1 billion monthly active users earlier this month, will likely help nudge Instagram revenue past $10 billion over the next 12 months, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jitendra Waral wrote in a report Monday. Instagram is attracting new users faster than Facebook’s main site and is on track to exceed 2 billion users within the next five years, Waral said. While the social network already has surpassed that milestone, Instagram’s audience is younger than its parent, making it more attractive to advertisers. And unlike Facebook, Instagram is still growing in the U.S.

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Wall Street’s Newest Hot Commodity: The $185 Wagyu Steak Sandwich

Don Wagyu, the first restaurant in New York devoted solely to Wagyu beef sandwiches, is located on South William Street in Manhattan’s Financial District, a five-minute walk from the New York Stock Exchange. When it opens on June 27, there will be three sandwiches (or sandos) on offer in the 1,000-square-foot space. Each is made from a different prized wagyu beef. The cheapest, made from a hybrid of Japanese and American cows, Washugyu, will cost about $25. On the other end of the spectrum is the A5 Ozaki, all sourced from a single farm in Japan. That sandwich will cost around $185.

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Don Wagyu will sell about 200 sandwiches a day, or until they run out. Eventually, it will also deliver, via Caviar.


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