Border Control Agent Warns The American People

By Ruby Henley 

Joe Biden cannot be allowed to even step foot in the White House. His latest talk is too frightening not to take seriously. 

President Trump has fought left and right to protect our borders from drug cartels, and it seems he has done well. Now you have Biden talking about basically handing our Country over to them! 

People wake up! This is no joke, and we must fight to help President Trump continue to be the President of the United States of America! We will die without him. 

In his plan, Biden somehow equates enforcement of immigration laws with “systemic racism.” He declares that enforcement will not be allowed at or near schools, any commuting route to a school, any house of worship, health care facility, “benefits office,” state motor vehicle department, or courthouse. And that’s just the start. Biden would also disallow enforcement at any “workplace” and anywhere he considers a “community.” ICE, as an organization, would effectively be eliminated. Biden’s message to officers will be clear: Don’t enforce the law, period! And this is no exaggeration. 

We can no longer look on and say, ‘Biden is so funny…’ 

No, he is not funny at all. 


To make sure immigration laws aren’t accidently enforced by a third-party law enforcement agency — for instance, if local police officers catch an illegal alien committing other crimes — Biden will stop all cooperation between federal agencies, including the Border Patrol, and state and local law enforcement. No community will be spared from this lawlessness. And like a bad infomercial, it doesn’t stop there. 

Biden proposes a complete moratorium on removing illegal aliens — in the middle of a global 

pandemic, no less — opening the floodgates to illegal immigration on a colossal scale that would 

completely overwhelm the U.S. health care system. 

That’s because Biden wants to provide ‘free government health care for illegal aliens’ — which 

would not only impose a massive burden on our hospitals, but would also serve as a magnet for 

limitless numbers of would-be illegal aliens around the world. 

Biden supports sanctuary cities, too, meaning he supports letting dangerous criminal aliens run loose in 

the cities and towns where innocent families live. 

Biden proposes “investments” in “community-based alternatives to detention” for illegal aliens. That is 

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code for spending lots of taxpayer money to make life as easy as possible for those who violate our 

immigration laws and then reside in the country illegally. He thinks detention is fine for Americans who 

break other laws, but illegal aliens must be treated better than Americans. Biden’s plan calls for tougher 

laws for U.S. citizens…and virtually no laws for illegal aliens. 

Biden wants to substantially and dramatically increase immigration, but he doesn’t explain how 

suddenly bringing in millions of immigrant workers is going to help unemployed Americans. 

Biden has more plans to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on non-citizens. But this time he wants to give 

it away to citizens in other countries. He states that “Democrats” will “address the root causes” of the 

massive migration he supports by giving money to other countries through what he calls “well-designed 

assistance programs.” In other words, he’s going to encourage and reward mass illegal migration to 

America while giving our money to other countries to stop the mass migration problem he’s helping to 

exacerbate. Makes perfect sense…as long as you remember that it’s not his money he’s throwing away; 

it’s yours. 


Brandon Judd is the president of the National Border Patrol Council, which represents all rank-and-file Border Patrol agents nationwide. 

Joe Biden speaks about immigration below. 


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