Boris Johnson to Double Down on Prorogation, Suspending Parliament Again This Week… Sends EU ‘Final Offer’ on Brexit

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In a bold move that swiftly follows the United Kingdom Supreme Court ruling the previous suspension of Parliament by the government unlawful, the government is to request a second suspension as early as the weekend.
Lord President of the Privy Council Jacob Rees-Mogg will visit British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II again to ask for her formal assent for Parliament to be suspended in the coming days — a mere formality required by the British constitution but one that has attained a significant amount of controversy in recent days — following the annulment of the previous prorogation last week

UK’s Johnson sends EU ‘final offer’ on Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday sent a final Brexit proposal to the European Union as the Oct. 31 exit date looms, Reuters reports.

Johnson has described his newest offer as “a compromise for both sides,” although the plan was reportedly framed as a “take-it or leave-it” deal to members of Johnson’s Conservative Party, according to the Associated Press.

This framing has left E.U. officials skeptical that the offer will be accepted.

A senior E.U. official told Reuters that “if it’s take it or leave it, we better close the book and start talking about the modalities of an extension.”

One of the many talking points that seem to be causing contention is the supposed “backstop,” an insurance policy first put in place by Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May.

The “backstop” ensures that a hard border between the UK province of Northern Ireland and Ireland, an E.U. member, would not be reinstated once the UK has successfully left the bloc.

Boris Johnson unveils Brexit plan for alternative to backstop

Prime minister hails new proposals as ‘fair and reasonable compromise’

Boris Johnson has laid out a five-point Brexit offer that would take Britain, including Northern Ireland, out of the customs union, and warned the EU27 there is “very little time” to do a deal.

In a letter to the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, the prime minister said: “This government wants to get a deal, as I’m sure we all do. If we cannot reach one, it would represent a failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible.”

The government’s five points include:
• Respecting the Belfast/Good Friday agreement.
• A commitment to longstanding areas of UK-Ireland collaboration.
• Creating an all-island regulatory zone on the island of Ireland,
covering all goods including agri-food.
• Giving the Northern Ireland executive and assembly the opportunity to endorse the new regulatory arrangements before they enter into force.
• Northern Ireland will be fully part of the UK customs territory, not
the EU customs union, after the end of the transition period.



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