BOSTON HERALD SUPER TUESDAY ENDORSEMENTS: Republican: Donald Trump. “Another term needed of pro-America Trump.”

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Ahead of Donald Trump’s 2016 election, half of Hollywood vowed to leave the country. None have. That speaks as much to their empty blather as it does to the empty predictions of disaster that would come from a Trump presidency.

Before the coronavirus had its chilling effect on global markets, the Dow hit record highs under Trump. Corporate tax cuts and regulatory rollback will do that.

Average hourly earnings are up 3.1% from 2018, the unemployment rate stands at 3.7%, and experts predict it will hit 3.5% this year. The unemployment rate for African Americans reached a new low of 5.4%, falling 2.6 percentage points.

The president has slowed illegal immigration — largely by mirroring Obama administration actions, and by encouraging Mexico to secure its own borders.

Despite repeated dire warnings of World War III, North Korea is behaving, Iran has stepped back, and ISIS is a bad memory. Trump’s trade wars, also predicted to wreak havoc, have produced a bi-partisan deal with Canada and Mexico on favorable terms, and he’s working on China’s predatory practices.


Democrat: Mike Bloomberg. “He is a liberal, but hasn’t taken the party’s lemming-like leap off the Left edge.”



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