Brabble Creates SaaS for Its Patented *StarTags Technology

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Brabble, a startup company based in New York City, has developed an app that combines sophisticated social media functionality–with features that support audio, video, images, and text–with a robust, patented e-commerce component, *StarTags. *StarTags are links that can be embedded into advertising posts that can be shared throughout many different social media networks.


What makes *StarTags particularly useful is that, when a consumer clicks on the linked *StarTag — for example, a new product that a company is launching on the market — the *Star Tag collects information about that consumer, including data like age, location, and other important demographics. This enables *StarTag users to refine their advertising approach and target their audience with other products of interest.


*StarTags have been a part of the Brabble app for some time, but the company is preparing to launch their *StarTags technology in a software as a service (SaaS) form in 2019. Companies and others will be able to set up a subscription to *StarTags, through the Brabble website, to use the technology in their own digital and social media campaigns.


Brabble aims to help online sellers and e-commerce businesses grow their online sales, capture better data from transactions, share their products across multiple social media networks, and to tap into new audiences. The *StarTags technology has also been designed by Brabble to help simplify the shopping process into a one-click, frictionless transaction.


The Brabble app will relaunch in November 2018, with the new *StarTags SaaS available in 2019.


“We’ve grown quite a bit,” said Pat Mackaronis, founder and director of business development at Brabble. “Brabble is a very interactive form of communication — as a user, you can talk to people, you can have conversations and debates, you can send audio and video. It’s much more interactive than other platforms. Now, with *StarTags SaaS, we have the opportunity to really bring that same level of dynamic functionality to e-commerce. We are building out that platform now and we’re excited about the future of this product.”


As Shopify explains in this recent report, “social selling shortens the funnel,” since people spend so much time on mobile devices and up to 30% of their online time on social networks. This means that it is essential for e-commerce businesses to understand how to take advantage of social media integration in order to meet their customers’ needs and grow their revenue.


Social commerce is all about accessibility and ease-of-use, and that’s exactly what Brabble is targeting with their *StarTags technology.


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