Brandon Admin Says No New Missiles for Ukraine Military

by Chris Black

I thought fighting the Russians in the Ukraine is part of who we are.

However, the war is over. Long range missiles would not help the Ukrainians turn things around, and if they get them and attack Russia proper, Russia will basically level Kiev.


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The US will not supply Ukraine with long-distance missile systems that are capable of striking deep into Russian territory, President Joe Biden explained on Monday. Asked by reporters about the prospect of such deliveries, Biden flatly rejected the possibility.


Zelensky said last week that he’s losing both the Donbass and Kharkov and he will totally lose everything if the US doesn’t send many more weapons.

Russia has been saying this whole time that the only thing these weapons the US is sending are going to do is prolong the inevitable, while resulting in pointless death and destruction.

Zelensky is sending the military out into the streets of Kiev to forcibly conscript people into the military.


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