How do the Elites Create a World Where There is Less Energy for Everyone Else and More for Themselves?

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by Chris Black

THIS is what ties in so many facets of their strategy that otherwise don’t make sense in conventional analytic paradigms: the communism, the promotion of bugman diets (numale diets or veganism), the war on self-sufficiency, the end of tribalism and nationalism, and it goes on and on.

All of it comes down to this: they are trying to create a society where they are the only “humans”: independent in thought, ambition, eating a natural human diet, with their physical and intellectual faculties operating at their highest potentials.

Being the only humans, they also hold all the power.

Consequently, the rest of humanity is cattle: a literal resource to be farmed at the lowest possible cost per unit (the lowest independent usage of ‘precious’ resources such as high quality food, fossil fuel, etc.), kept at the number that they need and whose entire life is dedicated to service towards the ruling class (ensured through controlled information and education).

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When you understand that these people are solipsistic, power hungry, religiously pursuant to their goals, it makes sense.

It makes sense why they would “go woke, go broke”, why they promote paradigms (leftism) which are supposed to hurt their bottom line and strip them of power. It makes sense why they fund anti-meat, anti-dairy, anti-nature propaganda studies than can then be used to justify ever more restrictive dietary policy, it makes sense why their colleges host seminars against homeschooling, and are breeding grounds for feminism and other egalitarian garbage.

It all fits together like a puzzle.

Comparatively, a worldview that sees the ruling class as nothing but a bunch of greedy profiteers is woefully incomplete.


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