Brazil’s army, navy, air force chiefs quit at SAME TIME over Bozonaro’s COVID genocide.

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You know coronavirus is the ultimate biowarfare weapon when the entire military command of a country quits amid the crisis.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro is facing the biggest crisis of his presidency after the heads of the army, navy and air force all quit and the country recorded its highest Covid-19 daily death toll.

The unprecedented resignation of the defence chiefs is being seen as a protest at attempts by Mr Bolsonaro to exert undue control over the military.

Mr Bolsonaro’s popularity has plummeted over his response to Covid-19.

Nearly 314,000 people have died, with a new daily record of 3,780 on Tuesday.

There have been more than 12.5 million confirmed cases(…)

How serious is this for Bolsonaro?

It is reportedly the first time in Brazilian history that the chiefs of the army, navy and air force have stood down together over a disagreement with the president(…)

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Brazil’s entire military command resigning amid a major crisis… that sounds an awful lot like an open invitation to foreign military occupation.

US boots on the ground in Brazil soon… Or maybe Chinese troops coming from Patagonia.

Right it down.

This is unseen anywhere else in the world.

Think about all Pentagon chiefs of staff saying “fuck it, I’m out” at ONCE and heading for the hills.

What does come next???


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