Bread Lines Coming, MASSIVE COLLAPSE Of Supply Chain: Agenda Exposed, FEMA Salivating

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of supply chains worldwide as wheat production collapses and China blames the climate. Ukraine and Russia are also a third of the world’s wheat exports and that market has also simultaneously stopped dead.
The tech supply chain as well as oil as come to a near standstill as well while inflation is skyrocketing in countries worldwide. Just in time to move over due to a “crisis” into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF. That’s the plan and they’re sticking to it.
People are feeling the crunch of inflation everywhere and many countries dependent on the supply chain thanks to the century of coddling people have conditioned themselves to face complete destruction and panic.
While martial law emergency orders have been put forward for price fixing in places like Canada, the US is readying their FEMA facilities. That’s where this is going. Desperation and then begging the state for help. FEMA is salivating.

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