Breakdown of ANTIFA Squad Tactics

by Brandwins

found this somewhere:

Step 1: Organize an EXTREMELY large gathering of peaceful protesters.

Step 2: March them right into the heart of a target community.

Step 3: Peacefully demonstrate during daylight hours. Get your optics on TV so the media can show how peaceful and organized and righteous you are.

Step 4: Linger and slowly diffuse this mass until the sun goes down.

Step 5: When night fall comes, go wild. Loot, pillage and burn. The media will not cover it the next day.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat.

Something else you should know: the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. The peaceful demonstrators really are peaceful. They do not know there is an anarchist element embedded within them. They don’t know who they are.

That information is way up the chain of command. AntiFa organizers. People at the Obama and Soros level.

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Who are the looters? THEY ARE THE COMMUNITIES. They are ALREADY in place. THEY ARE MOSTLY KIDS. If I had to guess I’d say at least HALF are under 18 years old. They are demoralized kids in these communities who see the opportunity to smash and grab free shit without consequence.

This is the strategy and PLEASE explain it to EVERYONE you know.

The only defense against it is to prevent the marching into the heart of a city when possible, if not, you post up in front of your business with guns or else it’s getting cleaned out come nightfall. Always exercise restraint as much as you can. DEFEND YOUR HOMES.

Follow the money of who Open Society Foundation gives to. What kind of district attorney campaigns were funded by Open Society Foundation? Who are the district attorneys that are dropping charges on rioters and letting them go free? Who’s spending big money bailing people out?

This isn’t just a wacky conspiracy anymore. These aren’t some kids with skateboards, they have legit radios and coordinate with police scanners. They’re in every riot with the exact same tactics. Watch the footage. How much more in your face does it need to be?


Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


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