BREAKING JUST IN: Republicans have taken the lead with six points over Democrats in latest Reuters generic poll.

Oh My: GOP Surges to 2018 Generic Ballot Lead in New Reuters Poll

As Cortney mentioned yesterday, a new CBS News poll shows yet another uptick in Americans’ economic optimism, with 64 percent of voters describing the US economy has ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ good, and even more — 68 percent — giving partial or “a great deal” of credit to President Trump. That same survey of likely voters also measured a variant of the generic Congressional ballot, confirming the still-tightening trajectory of that election year metric.

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That was yesterday. Today? The GOP is up six points in this series. Color me a bit skeptical, and these numbers will bounce around regardless, but Republicans haven’t led on this question in any major in roughly two years, so it’s worth flagging. What explains this see-saw back toward Republicans? As someone once said, it’s the economy, stupid:

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The Dems are on the wrong side of every issue: immigration, guns, etc.

They hate Trump so much that they come to the defense of MS13 when Trump says mean things about them.


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