Breaking News! China and Russia Send Ships After United States Aircraft Carrier Moving Toward North Korea.

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by Pamela Williams
This is news that we just don’t need to hear right now!  Nevertheless, it is another piece in the pattern of chaos which is steadily exploding before us.  China and Russia have dispatched ships from their navies to track the USS Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which is moving toward waters near the Korean Peninsula.  
The Japanese government has just revealed this according to the RED RIGHT REPUBLIC.  This is perfectly legal activity, and the ships will monitor all electronic emissions and tactical activities by the Carl Vinson.  
I hate to say this, but the Carl Vinson is surrounded by North Korea, Russia, and China right now.  And I thought China was cooperating with the United States.  There had even been reports that China would bomb North Korea if they did not behave.  I guess the US has been had.  I pray for our military on the Carl Vinson.   
It looks as if China and Russia plan to probe movements of the US, since we have just announced the problem with North Korea is soon to be taken care of.  This was a bad move on the part of the US.  China and Russia both prioritize a stable Korean Peninsula.  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is saying the issue should be resolved peacefully through diplomatic means.
Rex Tillerson just went to Moscow, and he seemingly did not have a good meeting with Lavrov.  The video of the handshake was shocking, as Lavrov moved away from Tillerson, which made the encounter very strained.
I am very interested in what President Trump’s reaction to this development is.
Published on Apr 16, 2017
BREAKING Update – China & Russia send ships after U.S. aircraft carrier!!
China, Russia send ships after U.S. aircraft carrier
In this March 15, 2017 , U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson approaches to participate in the annual joint military exercise called Foal Eagle between South Korea and the United States, at Busan port in Busan, South Korea. The Pentagon says A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group is departing the South China Sea to provide a physical presence near the Korean Peninsula. Its activities in the disputed waterway were considered a message to Beijing about Washington’s determination to maintain its forward presence in the disputed waterway amid challenges from China. Beijing said it was well aware of the activities of the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its support ships
China and Russia have dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels from their navies to chase the USS Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which is heading toward waters near the Korean Peninsula, multiple sources of the Japanese government revealed to The Yomiuri Shimbun.
It appears that both countries aim to probe the movements of the United States, which is showing a stance of not excluding military action against North Korea. The Self-Defense Forces are strengthening warning and surveillance activities in the waters and airspace around the area, according to the sources.
The aircraft carrier strike group, composed of the Carl Vinson at its core with guided-missile destroyers and other vessels, is understood to be around the East China Sea and heading north toward waters near the Korean Peninsula.
China and Russia, which prioritize stability in the Korean Peninsula, showed concern over the tough U.S. stance, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying the issue should be resolved peacefully through political and diplomatic efforts.
The dispatch of the intelligence-gathering vessels appears to be partly aimed at sending a warning signal to the United States.
Following the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s founding father, on April 15, North Korea will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its military on April 25. It maintains the stance that it intends to conduct its first nuclear test since September last year, which would be its sixth test, and test-launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.
By conducting joint exercises with the Maritime Self-Defense Force and through other means, the U.S. aircraft carrier strike group is poised to increase military pressure on North Korea and urge Pyongyang to engage in restraint.
I just discovered that Beijing asked Russia for help in averting a crisis over NK last week, as their concerns grow that President Trump is seeking to confront NK over its weapon’s program.  So now we know China’s goal was not to help the US in the NK confrontation at all.  All the while, President Trump thought he was making headway with the Chinese President at Mar-A-Lago, Trump was being seemingly betrayed by the man.  This is really bad, as now we have an enemy in China, too.
It looks like China is concerned with the monetary backlashl, as it is losing money due to being unable to use North Korea as a tourist attraction.  Tour companies in China have stopped arranging groups to NK, which had previously been a destination for Chinese tourists.  Several agencies had ceased organizing  package tours, which included China’s biggest tour agency.
Media reported last week that China’s national carrier, Air China, suspended flights from Beijing to Pyongyang due to dwindling passengers.  Since a North Korean missile “blew up almost immediately” on its test launch on Sunday, tensions have been escalating.  Maybe they figured out that most likely the missile had been affected by a cyber attack, of course, there is no proof of.
Experts in Asia believe that President Trump is basically stuck at this point.  It does not look good now that Russia and China are on the trail of Trump’s “armada”.
Arthur Ding, military expert at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, said NK showed the world during their military parade on Saturday “there is no way to reverse its bomb and missile program now.  Like India and Pakistan, North Korea is a de facto nuclear state.”  He went on to say, “Politically, it somewhat implies that the DPRK should be treated fairly if not equally with that of other nuclear states.”  Unfortunately, he is right, and in my opinion, the world just needs to include NK in all talks at this point.
I just pray President Trump is given a miracle now to put aside his pride and just get the Carl Vinson back to the States as quickly as possible.  I know he meant the Carl Vinson to be a signal to Pyongyang, but it is too late now.  The US is outnumbered…bottom line.  President Trump called the ship an “armada” and said the submarines accompanying it were “far more powerful than the aircraft carrier.”
Along with that he tweeted:  “Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before.  Frankly, we have no choice!”
—–Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 16, 2017

No, President Trump, at this point we have no choice.  Enemies List:

  1. North Korea
  2. Russia
  3. Syria
  4. China


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16 thoughts on “Breaking News! China and Russia Send Ships After United States Aircraft Carrier Moving Toward North Korea.

  1. This is a good thing. Just like the USS Donald (DUCK!) Cook was shut off with BSOD (Blue Screen of Death…Microsoft Inside! first XP and now Win10 junk) and unable to reboot with one SU fighter jet’s electronic warfare equip, 2 different years in 2 different seas, wtf do you think the Russian and Chinese vessels have?
    The US has been denied. It’s possible that the US Battle group has already had a round of 2 or getting their systems shut off as a warning.
    IF the Russian or Chinese warships are within 300 nautical miles of the battle group, they are effectively sunk by the hypersonic nuclear or non nuclear weapons on those ships already. Checkmate. The BrahMos is just one example of many missiles and torpedoes (supersonic underwater cause they have scientists unencumbered by Political Correctness) that the US cannot stop against the battle group.
    So the strike was ON for Easter. That’s fk’d up. Satanists.

    • Jeff, I am so upset for our Country, as, yes, we are being led by Satanists. Don’t even push me this morning…I am about to But as you look at NK, their leader is very ill. He is beyond what any of us can really imagine. He is all the things you would not want a leader to be, but guess what….as I am saying this, we, too have a leader who is beginning to make me very suspicious of him. I felt there was hope, but now I don’t see it that way. We are on the losing end of the stick.

      • Casara, fat boy isn’t NK’s leader. The real leader is his older (younger? idc) sister, that fat boy’s father placed in charge before he died.
        Fat boy is the “king,” that gets to be the target, and his older sister is the “right hand” that has all the power.
        “Any decision from Kim Jong-un would likely be run past his sister Kim
        Yo-jong, who is a senior official in his communist government.”
        We are not even being told the real story of NK. Even with old sis’ in charge, NK is China’s proxy, China’s probe at the US’ military. I think what happened was an oligarch triple cross, with the Chinese pulling out of the deal with the Anglo-American axis so, it’s fluid. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen.
        You should do things you enjoy. Our lives are not our own, but playthings of people unfortunately through inaction have become our self created tyrannic overlords. Populations will live under a level of tyranny they accept. It’s on all of us who hasn’t acted.
        The old saying, “girls just want to have fun.” in the final analysis, is probably the right way to live, because as domesticated human capital, when we get harvested or exploited is not in our control, so enjoy what you can, when you can.

        • Jeff, I am emotionally drowning in this…looking everywhere for the latest news. I just cannot see a way out of this for any of us.

          • Don’t worry yet. This whole show is so Russia and China can nuke the US in one large volley with justification.
            We have time for that. So enjoy the day. It looks like the US is sending 3 US Carrier battle groups to NK now. Once they are disabled or sunk, the IBM Watson, Google DeepMind mental midgets will have to run whole new scenarios.
            Russia or China can turn off all the electronics on all those ships at once. They don’t even have to touch them so it’s even deniable. The US couldn’t say Russia or China disabled them, so this should get really interesting.
            The wild card is if Kim’s sister wants American blood or not, cause she can easily get it.

          • Watch and wait, it’s amazing how reality can cure all ignorance, Meremortal. It’s amazing how reality cures all.

          • If I still had faith, (I now no longer believe in God or satan, only a designer, because I’ve done research that pushed the limits of knowledge, and when you are there, you see how far we have to go…idt we can without the AI tools) you have to remember this:
            God gave satan dominion over the Earth, so since satan is ruler of hell, and he’s the ruler of Earth, maybe Earth is hell? Idk, all I know, life is mostly boring, then horrifying and painful, with slight glimpses of happiness to remind you how horrifying and painful it can be, since your pain setpoint got reset.
            In a large volley of nukes into the US, you have nothing to worry about. Idt you even see the flash, you just vaporize or die instantly from the gamma burst. I’ve planned ahead here in NYC, cause I’ll be the first to go with a Sarmat MIRV. Unfortunately, the primary, secondary and tertiary blast effects of nuclear weapons have a lot smaller ranges than I first thought, given the maps I’ve seen of blast radius of an airburst weapon. There will be NO mushroom clouds in this nuclear war. Those are inefficient and too dirty.
            The military planners now consider nukes workable because it causes little to no fallout (only ground bursts create fallout) and the killing mechanism is gamma rays, so most infrastructure would remain intact. The reason for the US military to “no longer manufacture” neutron weapons, is because the most modern nukes due the same thing: kill people, better with almost pure gamma bursts.

          • Give your inner peace a chance, Casara. Stop listening to Jeffy, he gets his news from Zerohedge. They and he are “alarmists” trying to stampede you.

  2. Remember…”Order out of chaos” is the agenda of the NWO. The Heglian dialectic of problem/reaction/solution is at work daily in our nation….
    Drug addicts/Oh no!/Represive laws.
    Urban mayhem/Oh no!/SWAT teams and gun laws.

  3. Yeah, but we’re just not buying this false flag war to save the fed tax and debt slavery war dollar. That’s jewish communism, no thanks! I do not consent to jewish communist corruption! I’m not signing a thing until Trump drains the swamp and ends the imperialist conquests of the globalists.

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