BREAKING: NORTH KOREA Launched Missile At 10:45 Eastern Standard Time Friday Night. This Is A Mounting Crisis.

by Pamela Williams
It is my time right now 10:59 Eastern Standard Time Friday night (July28/2017).  In my opinion we are in a crisis.  North Korea just launched another missile at 10:45…just a short while ago.  We have not heard anything from the Pentagon yet, but anyone who thinks this is not serious is out of touch with this mounting crisis.
This is a real life horror story that could end with the deaths of millions of people in a nuclear war.  When one is under the influence, mentally deranged, and taking drugs, everything seems possible.  One may think one can fly, or win a million bucks at the casino, or one might think it would be a great and mighty thing to start World War III nuclear style.  That is how I view Kim Jong Un, and his mindset.  I believe he stays high, and I don’t think for one minute his scientists are not brilliant and capable.
I further believe they are a looming threat to the world…not just America, but the entire world.   The civilizations of the world are linked in domino effect.  No Country is safe from Kim.  When it comes to a nuclear showdown, we all should be locked and loaded.

The time for action is now, and I don’t care what any of you complacent peace makers feel.  You are  out of touch and repetitive in a volatile situation that words can not touch.  Words have been used over and over with Lil’ Kim.  The man cannot understand what anyone is saying to him!  He is not only stunted in stature, he is stunted in his understanding of the world and the reality we live in.
However, his scientists are obliging him, and they are brilliant…don’t underestimate their capabilities.
As I see it, we must take several strong actions in order to stop or at least slow North Korea’s quest for a nuclear missile that can hit America. And there are two things we must avoid.
First, we need to do everything we can to hurt Pyongyang’s ability to fund its missile and nuclear programs. That means full enforcement of all existing economic sanctions. The Trump administration must go after any nation, company, financial intuitions or individuals helping North Korea evade sanctions, because such evasion enables Kim to fund his military machine.
This will require putting intense pressure on China, which is clearly helping its communist ally and trading partner evade the collective punishment of the international community. It’s time to name, shame, and sanction those responsible for Chinese actions that directly or indirectly help North Korea gain weapons that can kill millions. President Trump should impose harsh sanctions on such Chinese firms and individuals, ratcheting the pressure up over time if they persist in their illegal efforts. This will drive a simple point home: we won’t tolerate this anymore.
Second, it’s time to employ cyber warfare on steroids against North Korea. We have an idea, thanks to recent reports, that the Obama administration started such efforts. The Trump administration should not only expand these programs but do everything it can to disable every computer, nuclear centrifuge, missile guidance system, and command and control node in North Korea that has any connection to the rogue nation’s nuclear program.
Third, we need to dramatically increase our missile defense capabilities in Northeast Asia. Washington must work with South Korea to not only retain its recent deployment of the American THAAD missile defense system but to expand the system. Japan must add THAAD missile defenses as well. Then we need to push South Korea and Japan to link these new systems together. Only a joint effort can help negate North Korea’s growing capabilities and show Dictator Kim we mean business.
Fourth, we must ensure that our homeland is protected from North Korea’s growing nuclear missile capabilities. We should expand dramatically the amount of ground-based interceptors in Alaska to ensure that if North Korea did the unthinkable and attacked us with ICBMS we could destroy such missiles in the air.
We must also discuss what we should not do. For those who are calling for unilateral military action now to once and for all eliminate the North Korean nuclear threat, I would ask you to take a second look. To fully rid the planet of this threat, U.S. air and naval power would have to mass in Asia for months in order to bring to bear enough conventional firepower to have a shot at such a goal. North Korea would have every incentive to strike first, before our forces reached full strength.
If we did launch a preemptive attack we would need to take out every single nuclear missile or warhead in North Korea. If we didn’t, Kim Jong Un would almost certainly retaliate with what he had left against Seoul, Tokyo or maybe even a U.S. base in Asia or the city of Honolulu. Oh, and by the way, even if we did knock out all of Kim’s nukes, Pyongyang could still counterattack with chemical and biological weapons in devastating fashion or decide to launch a massive artillery strike on the South Korean capital of Seoul, setting off a mass panic and a catastrophic death toll.
On the flipside, there are those who want to negotiate with North Korea. Up until recently, I was one of them. However, you can’t negotiate with those who murder Americans or who hold them hostage, as North Korea does. President Trump should rule out any negotiations. To do so otherwise only invites North Korea to take us for fools time and time again.
The Trump administration has done a brave thing: naming North Korea its greatest national security challenge. It should be commended for doing what many past administrations would not. But now comes the hard part – moving from words to deeds. The cost of inaction is simply too great to wait and do nothing but talk.
“Groundhog Day” was a funny movie. But we can’t afford to repeat our mistakes in dealing with North Korea as if we were trapped in an endlessly replaying time loop like the one in the film. If we fail to act, there will be nothing funny about the ending of our confrontation with Kim Jong Un.
Harry J. Kazianis (@grecianformula) is director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, founded by former President Richard M. Nixon.


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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Saturday the second flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile demonstrated his country can hit the U.S. mainland, hours after the launch left analysts concluding that a wide swath of the United States, including Los Angeles and Chicago, is now in range of North Korean weapons.
The Korean Central News Agency said that Kim expressed “great satisfaction” after the Hwasong-14 missile reached a maximum height of 3,725 kilometers (2,314 miles) and traveled 998 kilometers (620 miles) before accurately landing in waters off Japan. The agency said that the test was aimed at confirming the maximum range and other technical aspects of the missile it says was capable of delivering a “large-sized, heavy nuclear warhead.”


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