BREAKING: President Trump Speaks Out About TAX REFORM.

by Ruby Henley
President Trump is now talking about tax reform, and he is sounding good to me.
He is asking every member of Congress to unleash America’s potential.
He wants tax reform now…not later.

The president is scheduled to visit a company in Missouri that manufactures fans, blowers and laboratory exhaust equipment.
He is not expected to give a detailed speech on specifics, but rather rally momentum for a post Labor Day tax reform effort focused on simplifying the tax code and lowering rates. Missouri will be the first stop of many for Trump’s tax tour in the coming weeks.
During an interview with The Financial Times on Friday, National Economic Director Gary Cohn said Trump’s agenda “is going to completely revolve around tax reform” moving forward.
When it comes to the content of the tax reform overhaul, Cohn reiterated some of the key principles laid out earlier this year by the White House, including the elimination of most personal deductions, with the exception of charitable, mortgage and retirement.
The GOP also intends to eliminate the death and estate taxes and to slash the corporate tax rate “as low as possible.”
God bless President Trump!

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  1. Tax reform suggestion- ditch the FED and issue interest free money as the Constitution demands; then nationalize the FED and take back for the American people one hundred years of theft.

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