Breaking – US Military Intelligence Indicates Iran Attack On Israel Soon – Plus Report Iran Overtakes Israel In Scientific Research Rankings.

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by Ruby Henley

United States Intel indicates Iran is planning to attack Israel soon.  If this proves to be true, no one will be surprised. Clearly, this will occur in the near future, as Israel reportedly has bombed Iran in Syria due to this very fear.

A major fear factor for Israel could be that a report has indicated Iran has overtaken Israel in scientific research rankings.

Over the last two decades Iran has achieved great milestone in becoming a scientific superpower as its research and development productivity has grown dramatically, surpassing Israel in terms of production of scientific research.

Twenty years ago Israel was leading in scientific research in the Middle East. However, since then Israel has fallen to fourth place, behind Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.  According to the publication, Iran now leads in fields such as physics, biology, chemistry, and business administration. In the humanities, culture, and art, Israel still maintains the top spot.

Wow, this is quite surprising to say the least.  I would never have thought Iran could surpass Israel in scientific research!

“In 1996, Iranians published only 960 scientific articles compared to about 10,000 by Israelis. Since then, the Iranian figures have climbed to some 41,000 a year, though per capita Israel still publishes more scientific articles than the other countries,” Haaretz reported.


Israel is explaining Iran’s ranking in scientific research this way.

“Despite the Deal, Iran Is Pursuing Nuclear Weapons Research Under the Guise of Scientific Research –

Netanyahu said the JCPOA did not stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Netanyahu claimed that Iran felt pressured to suspend its nuclear weapons program in 2003 following the beginning of the Iraq War. He said Iran subsequently rebranded its nuclear operations as pursuing generalized “scientific knowhow.”

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“Special activities will be carried out under the title of scientific knowhow development,” read a slide of Netanyahu’s presentation, including what was a described as a copy of an original Iranian governmental document.

“Even after the deal, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons knowhow for future use,” said Netanyahu. He also said Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – Project Amad’s director – continued working on Iran’s nuclear weapons program after Iran claimed to curb its nuclear enrichment operations.


Iranian officials claim Iran’s nuclear program is designed for agricultural, industrial, medical, and scientific purposes.

“The nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal, including enriched uranium, ballistic missiles, and nuclear warheads,” said Netanyahu, describing the JCPOA as a “terrible deal” which “should never have been concluded.”


Back to US Military Intelligence – Breaking News From CNN –

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“Israel Defense Forces (IDF) called up a limited number of reserves Tuesday evening following what the IDF termed the “identification of irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria.”

A spokeswoman for the IDF said it was a “specific call-up based on need.”

Another IDF spokesman said “non-combat” reserves were being called up, pointing to the possibility that reserves serving in intelligence or medical roles were being mobilized.

The Israeli army has instructed authorities in the Golan Heights, in the north of the country, to open civilian shelters.

In a statement, the army said its troops are on high alert for an attack and defense systems have been deployed.

The statement warned that “any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe response” and that “the Israeli public should remain attentive to IDF instructions that will be given if necessary.”

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The US State Department also issued a security warning for American citizens on Tuesday, urging them to “consider carefully” travel to the Golan Heights “until the situation stabilizes.”

US officials said they cannot yet draw a direction correlation between President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and a potential attack against Israel but assess that the growing rhetoric from both Iranian and Israeli leaders is causing an increase in concern from the US.

That rhetoric has escalated in recent weeks and has coincided with Trump hinting that he would leave the deal — a decision he officially announced on Tuesday.

At the same time, Iran has covertly shipped missiles into Syria, according to the US.

Some Iranian-backed sites inside Syria have been bombed in recent days in attacks widely believed to have been carried out by Israel.

The US assessment now is that Iran could initially strike in retaliation against Israel for its airstrikes inside Syria.

Iran had already warned the US that withdrawing from the deal would be a “historic mistake.”

“When it comes to weapons and defending our country, we will not negotiate with anybody,” President Hassan Rouhani said.

CNN’s Zachary Cohen and Oren Liebermann and Andrew Carey contributed to this report.


In conclusion, clearly Israel and Iran are going to war.  What does this mean to the United States?

To me a frightening aspect of the withdrawal by the United States from the Iran Deal is what it did to our relationship with the world community.  Will they ever again trust our word?


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