Breakthrough: North Korea turns over potential remains of US soldiers

by DCG

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At last: Remains of our US soldiers being brought home

Please let this be true! It’s a long time coming, way too long.

The 55 remains are, hopefully, just a start to bringing home our thousands of dedicated soldiers.

From NY PostNorth Korea has turned over the potential remains of US soldiers who have been missing since the Korean war — part of a commitment made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to President Trump.

A US Air Force plane carrying 55 cases of remains landed at Osan Air Base in South Korea where a formal ceremony will be held on August 1, the White House said in a statement Thursday night.

Also on the plane were technical experts from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

“It is a solemn obligation of the United States Government to ensure that the remains are handled with dignity and properly accounted for so their families receive them in an honorable manner,” the statement read.

The agreement to return the remains were made during a historic summit between Kim and Trump in Singapore last month.

The White House said the move was the first step in achieving the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.