BRENDAN O’NEILL: Trans activists will picket the Oxford Union tonight but a counter-cultural revolution has now begun on our campuses against wokery.

Their faces were twisted with hatred as they jabbed their fingers at me. They waved placards denouncing me as a hate-speaker, a bigot, someone unfit for public life.

This was Oxford University in 2018, where I had been invited to give an after-dinner speech at Queen’s College.

When I arrived, however, I was greeted not by the reasoning intellects you would expect to find at one of the world’s great universities, but by a mob of blue-haired, red-faced woke censors.

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They were assembled outside the building where I was due to give my speech, hurling all manner of abuse. I tried to talk to them but they backed off, as if I were a leper.

To them, I was a leper — a political leper. Someone who had committed the cardinal sin of dissenting from their politically correct ideology.



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