Brennan panicking and openly calling for Coates and Gina Haspel to defy AG Barr to protect him. MSNBC and CNN dutifully protect the poor defenseless CIA.

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John Brennan: I’m not going to get into the specifics as you can imagine, but I am deeply, deeply concerned about what is going on right now, and how Mr. Trump is right now is authorizing what appears to be his personal attorney to pursue these efforts inside the intelligence community-the agencies, and to uncover and to potentially release this information that could in fact put people’s lives in great jeopardy as well as put very very sensitive and very exquisite U.S. intelligence capabilities at risk. This is something I think the committees and the senate intelligence and house intelligence of jurisdiction needs to exert their appropriate authorities and to stop any reckless and irresponsible release of information that could harm this country for years to come.

Yup. The only harm for years to come will be to the democratic party.


h/t Harry


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