Brexit – May now plans 100% Betrayal with new referendum

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According to The Times who have contacts in the cabinet, Theresa May is now planning a second referendum to ditch Brexit.


“Why the hell do we bother?” is the headline in the Daily Express, next to a photograph of a heated exchange between European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and UK PM Theresa May in Brussels.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the pair had a public war of words that left a cloud over the EU summit.

The Financial Times says the prime minister has threatened to crash the Brexit deal unless other EU leaders agree to discuss changes to help her sell it at Westminster.

Mrs May has returned home angry, bruised and empty handed, according to the Guardian.

The Times says her deal is dead and the cabinet is split over how to proceed – with one group leaning towards another referendum, another backing a softer Norway-style deal and a third willing to risk leaving without a deal.

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