Brian Stelter’s dismissal from CNN indicates that the network is attempting to re-orient itself.

by Chris Black

This is not exactly breaking news but I forgot to cover it.

I think Stelter was fired for the obvious reason: everyone hates him and his show has horrible ratings.

He has become the face of CNN’s failure and their nonstop promotion of fake news.

I do think that they are going to try to slightly re-orient.

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They’ve no doubt got internal data that shows that 85% of their 2014 audience believes they are a bunch of scumbag liars, and they no doubt want to fix that situation as best they can, because the ratings have collapsed.

But they are not going to push a different agenda.

Fox News is not even right-wing now.

They went along with the coronavirus hoax, they covered up the election hoax, and now they are all shilling Ron DeSantis.


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