Britain Is FALLING! – As Pound CRASHES, Global Economy Crumbles

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Stephen Kendal about the fall of the British economy as the pound falls and many believe that we will be seeing negative interest rates in the near future. This is happening on a global scale and Britain is just another example of the destruction of the global economy due to mass centralization and debt.
Stephen Kendal perfectly breaks down the problems of the monetary system and central banks and what is leading to vast homelessness in cities throughout the world to an extent we have never seen previously. The numbers are manipulated and the central planners are getting desperate, but of course there are more solutions than problems.
Yes, all fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero and yes, we never actually recovered after 2008 and we continue to see what Stephen calls a “Ghost Crash.” With that said, we are also seeing vast numbers of people flood to gold and silver. Gold has broken records lately not just from its value gain, but also by its private ownership versus public ownership and bank ownership. At the same time, cryptocurrencies have seen meteoric rallies and continue to push their way upwards as interest rates get lowered across the board world wide.

We have a lot more to be optimistic about than worried about, but we should examine the problems and understand them before it’s too late. It’s important we see the many problems to apply the far more solutions individually. Education is key.



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