Britain starts grinding to a halt as union barons plunge UK into £1bn ‘lockdown’…

by Boo_Randy

Get ready for a “Summer of Discontent” as workers who have seen their purchasing power and standard of living fail to keep up with inflation go on strike for higher wages. Such strikes do nothing but cause pointless disruption without addressing the root of the problem: the central banks and their debasement of the currency.

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Britain is starting to grind to a halt as union barons plunge the UK into a £1billion ‘lockdown’ after failing to resolve a bitter dispute over pay, jobs and conditions – as the first trains have already stopped after rail workers turned down a 3 per cent pay rise.

Thousands of members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union at Network Rail and 13 train operators will walk out tomorrow and on Thursday and Saturday. Services across the UK will start to be affected from this evening, with just one in five trains running on strike days, primarily on main lines and only for around 11 hours.


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