British coronavirus ‘super spreader’ infects at least seven people as he travels from Singapore to France to UK. Whilst asymptotmatic

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Health officials are under pressure to release details of the movements of a British coronavirus “super-spreader”, amid fears that the virus is far more contagious than was thought.

The unnamed businessman, who contracted the virus in Singapore, is now known to have infected at least seven fellow Britons in a French ski resort, before returning home to Brighton and falling ill five days later.

Those he infected include the fourth person to have contracted the disease in the UK and patients in Spain and France, all of whom were believed to have been with the “super-spreader”.

However, health authorities have refused to provide any details of the man’s movements during the five days he spent in the UK before showing symptoms.

All that is known is that he spent two hours in a local pub the night before being laid low by the illness.

On Sunday (NZT) it emerged the man took the 6.50pm EasyJet flight from Geneva to Gatwick on January 28. The airline said it was notified by Public Health England (PHE) on the evening of February 6, with all 183 passengers now being contacted.


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