BRUTAL COLD: North America is currently experiencing the most unusually cold air of any region; It’s warmer in the Arctic Circle than in Boston right now

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It’s so cold in the U.S. and Canada that windows are breaking, and there’s no end in sight

The Arctic blast is so severe in Canada that only those above the age of 24 have ever experienced something of this magnitude during the period between Christmas and New Years. Air temperatures from Nunavut to Ontario have plunged well below zero Fahrenheit, with wind chills colder than minus-40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The cold is so dangerous that it’s caused authorities in Canada, a winter-hardened country with a significant presence in the Arctic, to cancel outdoor ice skating for fear of frostbite. Residents of some of the coldest areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan have reported cracking glass windows due to the bitterly cold air temperatures.
In the U.S., the only warm spots are in the Southwest and southern Florida. In the Great Lakes region and Northeast, the Arctic air blowing across comparatively mild bodies of water gave rise to serene scenes of sea smoke dancing about the surface on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
Temperatures in upstate New York on Thursday morning plunged to minus-39 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Weather Service. On the summit of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, where a weather observatory is staffed year-round, the wind chill was a staggering minus-88 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Boston are seeing high temperatures in the low teens to single digits on Thursday, and computer model projections show several reinforcing shots of cold air set to move in through at least Jan. 10.
Cold truth: It’s warmer in the Arctic Circle than in Boston right now

Apologies to those already feeling bitter about this frigid weather, but here’s another cold truth — it’s chillier in Boston Thursday than in a handful of cities around the planet that are much farther north and usually much colder.
At Logan International Airport in Boston, the temperature hovered in the single digits for much of Thursday morning, falling as low as 5 degrees around 8 a.m.
Meanwhile, low temperatures recorded this morning in the Russian cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg were 36 degrees and 38 degrees, respectively, according to figures provided by Normally, those cities experience lows of 10 and 15 degrees.
In Reykjavík, Iceland, the mercury fell no lower than 25 degrees, not far off from its normal low of 29 degrees.…story.html
Mt. Washington summit breaks daily record low…ost_Viewed
Thursday…… wind chills on the summit reached minus-89 degrees.
Is the polar vortex back? Be afraid, frigid friends.…5eefb7d67c
“I’m kind of picky about when I invoke the Polar Vortex; I reserve it for the creme de la creme of cold,” said Samenow, who is predicting even frostier air from the far north in coming days. “I might bring it out next week.”
Dangerous snow storms moving across the US

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Brutal Cold Isn’t Going Anywhere | NBC Nightly News


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