How Did This Happen? Trump’s Approval Rating Matches Obama’s at the End of First Year

by Chris Black

Let me begin with a rare tweet, courtesy of Matt Drudge, a guy who doesn’t tweet much and also the owner of world’s biggest news-aggregator, the Drudge Report obviously:
Rasmussen Poll shows Trump at 46% APPROVE this morning, with 53% DISAPPROVE… What about Obama at same exact date first year in presidency?? 46% APPROVE, 53% DISAPPROVE!
So, what do we have here? As per the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday, 46% of Americans approve of the job Donald Trump was doing during his first year in office. Why is that relevant? Well, the mainstream media made a huge deal with regard to the POTUS’ relatively low approval rates, yet the Donald managed to finish his first year in office with a bang, taking the news-world by surprise, as usual. His approval ratings are on par with dear leader Barry Obama from Honolulu, his predecessor, after the latter’s first year in the White House. Of course, there’s a little difference between the two. Barack Obama was mainstream media’s darling, while Donald Trump…well, I don’t have to explain it too much, do I?
After Barry’s first yer as POTUS, on December 29 2009 respectively, his approval rating was 46%.  Considering that Obama’s approval rating on January 20th the same year, i.e. on his inauguration day was 67%, it looks like he had a significantly larger drop in terms of approval rating by the end of his first year as president. It’s interesting to mention that usually speaking, approval ratings for new presidents are at their highest during inaugurations, yet Donald Trump reached peak approval on January 26th, when he hit 59%. Barry never managed to beat his 67% approval rating on his inauguration day during his 1st year as POTUS.
So let me get this straight: after one year of being eviscerated daily by the corporate left-wing mainstream media and his political opponents from both parties, Trump manages to come out with the exact same ratings as Black Jesus, who was lauded as the Next Messiah by all his brain damaged sycophants? How can that be? The mainstream media spent every minute praising Barry Obama as a “light-bringer”. In Trump’s case, he was incessantly demonized and denigrated as a Nazi Russian owned evil racist puppet and literally Hitler.  Now, if you ask me, numbers don’t lie (when it comes to honest accounting at least), but liars use numbers, so you know Trump is way above what is reported, just like before the election. If the MSM was generally fair to Trump, his approvals would be in the 50’s at least.
And before starting criticizing this poll, you should know that Rasmussen Reports was the closest of all major pollsters in predicting the presidential election’s popular vote, pointing to final results posted by RealClearPolitics. On its final poll released Nov. 7, the day before Election Day, Rasmussen had Hillary Clinton up 2 points on Donald Trump. Clinton won the popular vote by 1 percentage point, even though Donald Trump beat her on electoral votes. No other pollster tracked by RealClearPolitics came as close to the final results.

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5 thoughts on “How Did This Happen? Trump’s Approval Rating Matches Obama’s at the End of First Year

  1. Presidential prove ratings mean bupkis. Qualifies as Fake News.
    All of one side polls one way, all of the other side, the other.

  2. So you’re celebrating that Hair Fuhrer is on par with who you guys consider the be the worst most corrupt and divisive president in history? And you see that as a cause of celebration?

    • Actually it’s a cause of mockery. The media spent all year in 2009 telling Americans how great Obama was, building up peoples’ confidence in him. That same media, 8 years later in 2017, spent all year telling Americans how AWFUL Trump is, attempting to destroy peoples’ confidence in him. The end result is they have the same rating. A logical deduction would tell you that Obama’s approval was artificially inflated slightly (possibly no more than 1-2 percentage points), and Trumps approval was artificially deflated slightly (same 1-2%). The differences could be much more than that too.

  3. You failed to mention that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, 2009 during his first year in office for just being Obama. One would think that would be worth a few extra points in the approval poll.

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